The Dub

The Dub is a cannabis wholesaler based out of Portland, OR. They came to us for help launching their Instagram profile and developing their brand identity. We wanted to promote their connection to the origins of cannabis culture from back before it was legalized to convey to our audience that The Dub understands cannabis better than anyone else. That led to our strategy statement:

The Dub brings old school cannabis culture to the new generation of cannabis users.

That old school cannabis culture contains elements like graffiti, grunge music, and skating. Using a hybrid of original artwork, found photos, and colorful product shots, we created a feed that perfectly captures our fresh take on old school cannabis culture. The typical cannabis brand Instagram profile is just high res photos of people smoking joints without any substance or connection to cannabis culture. In order to stand out, we made our posts to not only catch your eye when scrolling through your newsfeed, but also look great in grid view so you could instantly tell that the profile was worth following right when you clicked on it.


Check out the full profile here



Account Manager: Casey Hickman

Strategy: Abby Mizera, Adriane Hershey, and Casey Hickman

Media: Casey Hickman

Art Direction: Denzell Gallegos, Bryer Hataishi, Jay Levesque

Designers: Bryer Hataishi, Benj Zeller, Gabe Keim, and Denzell Gallegos

Copy Writer: Sean Scott